Tzadsheni is the creative studio of ceramic artist Sigalit Breuer, where she makes and presents her work. Sigalit melds purposeful design with imagination, symbolism, and artistic technique to form uniquely useful and beautiful pottery.

Sigalit Breuer has many years of experience in pottery, ceramic design, and sculpting. She weaves raw emotions and materials into her creations, forming contrasts of space and presence, enhanced with natural tones, special glazes, and handwork.

Tzadsheni will charm you with its power of inspiration flowing from the four elements of the universe: Wind, Fire, Earth and Water. These elements are embedded into and visually apparent in every piece.

Tzadsheni’s unique trademark is Sigalit’s spectacular anemones, designed into wonderful bouquets, tableware, Chanukah menorahs, and jewelry.

Sigalit starts by handsculpting or wheel-throwing clay, which she colors with unique underglazes and fires with translucent coatings. To create her flowers, she combines her pieces with artistic metal work.

From the "Ma Shemishtamea" (It’s all Implied) exhibit, at the Hankin Art Gallery in Holon: "I derive inspiration for my work from the desert near my home, and from the anemone bloom which symbolizes great hope and a strongly-rooted love for the land of Israel."

Sigalit Breuer holds a degree Visual Arts. She lives with her family in Shani Livna, a village in southern Israel. Sigalit opened Tzadsheni in 2005.

Her creations can also be found in the Eretz Israel Museum in Ramat Aviv, in Laela, a shop in the Tel Aviv port, at Del-Arte, ashop in Tel Aviv’s Basel neighborhood, at the Mitzpe Hayamim Craft Gallery in Rosh Pina and in Shulhan Aruch, a shop in Jerusalem.

Sigalit Breuer is a member of Israel Ceramic Artists’ Association and the Southern Material Group.