Tzadsheni Studio is open year-round to visitors. It’s located in Shani - Livna, at the edge of the magical Yatir forest, and is bound on one side by the green forces of growing nature and, on the other, by the ancient strength of the desert.

At Tzadsheni, Sigalit offers classes and workshops and teaches the techniques and designs of her craft: sculpting, designing with clay, color and glaze, and a variety of handbuilding and wheel techniques. Each student receives personal guidance, according to their age and ability. She encourages her students to create imaginatively and develop a personal style. Students create beautiful objects with unique forms and spectacular colors.

Who can work with a pottery wheel? Almost anyone! Sigalit teaches children and adults the proper sitting techniques, how to work the wheel, handle clay, create special surface textures, and more. Students have made animal sculptures, toys, decorative pieces for home and garden, jewelry, relief tiles, and functional pieces like bowls and plates.

Classes are held in a comfortable atmosphere; quiet music plays in the background while students work in a large open space. Sigalit’s equipment – the potter’s wheel, her roller and extruder, etc. - are nearby and ready for use.

Sigalit teaches private and group lessons. The course meets weekly for about 8 months; students are sorted into classes by age and experience.

Enrollment is ongoing; places are still available in Sigalit’s Shani-Livna group. For more information about Sigalit’s Meitar group, please contact the Meitar Regional Council.

Tzadsheni offers special activities for team building, women’s groups, birthdays, weddings, bachelorette parties, and family trips. Activities must be arranged at least two weeks in advance, and can be combined with bicycle rides, jeep trips and guided nature hikes.

Participation in special fairs:


Kad Vahomer in Ra'anana Park (2008 – 2011)
Hutzot Hayotzer inJerusalem (2006- 2009)
Mamshit’s Nabatean Market, during Sukkot and Passover demi-holidays

Participation in exhibitions:


Southern Material, Hankin Gallery, Holon, 2006
Out of The Box, Hankin Gallery, Holon, 2007
Artists of the Mountain, Menachem Begin Heritage Center, Jerusalem
Agartal, (Vase), Artists House, Tel Aviv, 2010
Ma Shemishtamea (It’s all Implied), Hankin Gallery, Holon, 2010
Renewal - Ecological Art , On the Hill Gallery, Meitar, 2011